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Chiang Mai - Thailand

We didn’t spend enough time or see enough places to make a decent summary of Thailand. Based on a very short visit in very few places, we very much like it here. People are friendly, food is good and transport is fairly easy. But I guess we’ll have to visit it again to have a bit of a broader experience.

After the Mindfulness project we took a night bus to Chiang Mai. The goal was to apply for a visa to Myanmar and do a bit of sightseeing around the area. First thing after arriving was the visa. We had copies of our passport and 2 passport pictures ready. That was actually all that was needed. We had read terrible stories about the crowds at the embassy and all the scary paperwork. When we arrived (like 1h after the opening time) there was just 1 person there. We were guided in by a smiling guard, handed the papers and it was very simple to fill in everything. We handed our papers, paid the fee and were told to come to pick our visas on Monday. The whole thing took like 15-20min.

We found a hostel near the Northern gate, where they also have a nice food market in the evening. There is this famous lady with a cowboy hat selling braised pork leg with egg and rice. Super yummy!

We also visited the museum of arts and culture (I think it was called like that) to learn a bit more about the history of the town, the people and the whole of Thailand. The museum was OK, not very spectacular. Still happy we went.

IMG_20160602_162606.jpgBraised pork leg with egg

Braised pork leg with egg

The next day we decided to rent a motorbike and go to the temples at the hills. First stop was Doi Sutep with its good views towards the city. We continued to do some smaller temples and the Bhubing Palace. There are really a lot of temples, but once you start visiting them a lot, they sort of start to look the same :D So I cannot tell you which one was more impressive than the other.

Then we went on to tour around the ruins of the old city. It was quite interesting to learn about the history. The whole area had been covered by mud floods and all the temples have been buried. People sort of forgot about its existence and houses and other stuff started to pop on top of these ruins. Then in some archaeological excavations these ruins were found, and there are a lot of them.

Christophe tried to visit some more waterfalls in the evening, but at the moment none of them seem to really have much water. In the evening we visited another food market to taste some new stuff. There was also a possibility to have a foot massage, so we tried that. It was the best half an hour during this week for Edda. It was pure enjoyment! Christophe didn’t enjoy it that much unfortunately.

Motorcycle tour

Motorcycle tour

large_DSCN0673.jpglarge_DSCN0678.jpgDSCN0686.jpgDSCN0701.jpglarge_DSCN0703.jpgDSCN0708.jpgTake time to smell the roses <img class='img' src='http://www.travellerspoint.com/img/emoticons/icon_smile.gif' width='15' height='15' alt=':)' title='' />

Take time to smell the roses :)


We took one day just to visit the city center. We walked around everywhere from malls to parks to markets etc. It was Sunday, so they had « Sunday Walking Street » where they turn a whole road into a walking street for the night. It’s full of people selling crafts, souvenirs and food. It was pretty massive. We didn’t even visit the whole area. We found some nice (and not so nice) bites to eat though.

DSCN0742.jpgMini mini ice creams

Mini mini ice creams

Sunday walking street

Sunday walking street

The next morning started with an adrenaline rush. Christophe had booked a bungee jump the previous night. Edda had done it once already, so now it was Christophe’s turn to show some guts ;) He did very well, but almost had his eyes pop out as he didn’t close them. It was a nice 50m jump with a loud scream :D Edda filmed it all. He enjoyed it and said that he’s ready for the highest jump of the world (which can be done in NZ).

We continued the day by picking up our visas from the embassy of Myanmar (again no queue). Then we went to another massage place where Edda (after such a great experience the other day) had half an hour foot massage, and Christophe had 2h of Thai massage. Edda’s massage was probably the worst massage ever, but Christophe enjoyed his.

Tomorrow we are off to Myanmar, but first we’ll still have one night on the Thai side of the border: Mae Sot!

DSCN0751.jpgDSCN0756.jpgDSCN0760.jpgDSCN0768.jpgAnd he's off

And he's off

DSCN0774.jpgBeen there, done that!

Been there, done that!

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